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It's the Vegan Page Baby!

Welcome!  Please see the video on the left on my VEGAN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  I'm excited to step up and fight for the animals!


       Yes I eat enough protein. 

Why am I Vegan?  I mean geeze. 

1. Animal Rights. Just one example from the egg industry... did you know that sweet little baby male chicks are just ground up? That's what made me go vegan from vegetarian. By the way if you love your pet please try looking into their eyes and then picture slaughtering and eating them.  Why are cows or pigs lesser beings than a dog or cat? By the way who are we to determine the answer to  that question?

2. Climate Change and other environmental factors. Methane gas people...yes I'm talking about cow farts. Seriously methane traps up to 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide!  Yet it leaves the atmosphere within a decade.  That's a fast help to our climate issues (oh yeah FYI climate change is not a hoax).  There's also the use of water and gas to transport the animals. It takes over 2400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. Yet it takes 250 gallons for a pound of soy and 25 gallons to produce one pound of wheat. Also agricultural waste and manure from meat production pollutes the rivers and oceans. Rainforest land is also slashed for cattle to graze.

3. World Hunger. Put simply in order for some of us to eat animal products others need to starve or at least be malnourished. This is not a guilt trip just a logistical fact. Meat is inefficient to produce.  Using the same resources such as farmland and water for human food production would feed more people.   This issue increases greatly with time due to population growth. If we all we're Vegan there would be no more hunger simply due to the inefficiency of meat production vs. a plant oriented food system. Food prices would also go down since there would be a larger supply.  This addresses ecomonic concerns for the world's poor.  

4. Ew, cause ew, gross!  The more I learn the more I know I'll never eat animal parts and excrement and various fluids again. I'm not making this up.  Eggs come from a chicken's butt!  It's a multi-use hole called a cloaca. It poos, pees, craps out eggs and has her "lady parts" all in the same place...ew. And milk contains blood and pus!  Why do we want a fluid from a cow's hooters meant for a frickin calf anyway? Ew. Would you go suck it out direct? And you're eating an animal carcass. You get random ligaments and bones and gross parts you have to spit out..I mean really.  And would you want to gut and butcher an animal personally?  Really?  A little piggie?  People today are so detached from where their food comes from.  

5. My Health. Vegans live longer.  Plus my abs never looked like this OMG! It's just healthier. See this study from Cornell about meat vs. a plant based diet.  Here's another one from Johns Hopkins just to show a couple.  There are so many more....not provided by special interests in the meat, egg, fish and dairy industries.

6. Leading by Example. You may find it annoying but I love making a stand and not just talking trash.  I'm putting talk into action. I am in fact making a difference with my money. What you and I buy and consume does in fact make a real difference.  In addition any vegetarian or vegan will tell you we get people talking about the subject when we say "no thank you" when offered animals to consume. Leading by example is real and has an effect on others. I've experienced this first-hand.  Plus there's a thing I'll be doing this Halloween...more later on that one.



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"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man."  -Mohandas Gandhi

  I was recently challenged by my friend Daryn to offer the positive and uplifting reasons why I have decided to go vegan.  No more meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk or cheese (at least not derived from animals).  I wear no leather, silk, fur or any animal products.  Not sounding very positive yet?  

 There are a number of reasons to go vegan such as health, world hunger and climate change.  My biggest most personal reason is my love of animals.  I have always considered myself an animal lover.  As a child I would collect dead animals on the side of the road or in the woods and proceed to have a full blown funeral.  In general, most people consider themselves good compassionate people and many like myself think of themselves as animal lovers. But we’re also creatures of habit and tradition. This is how we have always done things so that’s how it is.  Throughout history this has been the rationale to resist change.

 It’s actually very hard to be positive when talking about veganism and animal rights. I imagine people who fought for causes such as civil rights and women’s rights faced this challenge.  If everything is just fine and wonderful the way it is why change at all?  Why not just stick with the status quo?  There is a specific difference with animal rights…they can’t speak for themselves.  These groups in the past may have been disempowered and marginalized but they literally had voices.  The animals can’t speak but still have the same capacity for pain that we do. So after all this struggle with the challenge Daryn has given me these are just some of the positive reasons to go vegan for me personally:

1.Going vegan will mean I will save an average of 35 animals lives per year (a conservative number). That’s over 1000 per decade!

2.Going vegan will save about 3400 trees per year (not intuitive I know). If I gave up toilet paper for a year I would save 8 trees. A football field worth of trees are slashed every 6 seconds for animal agriculture!

3.Going vegan will significantly lower my risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke.

4.Going vegan will save energy.  A Cornell study found that producing animal-based protein requires eight times more fossil-fuel energy than creating plant-based protein.

5.Going vegan will save about 380,000 gallons of water per year. Again this is not intuitive but meat production is very inefficient. One burger takes 600 gallons to produce. I would need to stop showering for 2 months for one burger.  The same amount of soy (quarter pound) takes 60 gallons and wheat takes 6 gallons of water to produce for the same weight.

6.Going vegan fights world hunger.  The land, feed and recourses used for animal products can be used to feed people instead.  If we all went vegan, there would be no more world hunger.  Yes, this is the answer to world hunger.


There are so many reasons to go vegan but animals will always be first one for me.