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My Trees

I got alot of fruit trees. I have about 40 in the ground and at least 20 in pots.  I actually have to re-count.  I have some grafted varieties from nursuries.  I also grow from seed.  Many will tell you that I'm a kook for growing from seed!  When you have a grafted tree it is a clone and a named culitvated variety (cultivar) such as Macintosh or Red Delicious.  A seedling is an original life form that never existed before.  There was once the first Macintish tree back in the 1800's.  This is the source for every Macintosh tree and apple since.  


I am growing from seed becuase it's way more interesting.  Plus I have a breeding experiment with Honeycrisp apple seeds I've collected from various sources which will widen the genetic diversity of the seedlings.  The pollen that was used from these different locations would almost certainly be unique since they are all many states away.  50% of the genes in the offspring will be Honeycrisp and 50% will be from the donor tree from which the pollen came.  Thanks bees!   This does pose a problem since half of the genes are a mystery.  When universities and institutions breed trees they breed 2 specific trees for a controlled result.  My experiment is more crude but I still have a chance for success.  I'll keep you posted!